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Book Store: Wolves In Sheep's Clothing

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Available in
eBook formats
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Great Deceit in the Church...

The Church of Jesus Christ faces a crisis.

False prophets have invaded the Church and captivated the minds of unprepared people.

Their messages sound authentic but lack Biblical authority.

This book provides a scriptural description of these frauds and the response of Christ-followers to them.

A first place winner in the Christian Choice Book Awards.

These studies:
  • describe the conditions in the Church that cultivated this crisis.
  • draw a picture of the characteristics of false prophets.
  • delineate canons of Scripture that are at stake.
  • declare the course of action that Christ-followers must take to stem the decline of the Church and to set their sails to catch the winds of revival.

Click on the link for digital editions (available worldwide) with a list price of $3.99 (USD).

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The paperback edition has a list price of $9.99 (USD) but sells for less than list price at Amazon, Barnes & Noble. or you can contact your local bookstore for purchase information.

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