Troubled By More Painful Bodily Ills & Suffering?


John Newton: 4 Little Things Overcome Your Crisis

John Newton: “Bodily Ills and Spiritual Health”



“I’d rather be rich and healthy

than poor and sick.”

And who wouldn’t. Yet, most of us never attain it. We all face physical limitations and bodily ills.

John Newton, author of the “Amazing Grace” song, wrote of his physical frailties and contrasted them with a more important healthy state.

John Newton: Bodily Ills And The Wonder Of God’s Protection

“I have been troubled of late with the rheumatism in my left arm. Mine is a sinful, vile body, and it is a mercy that any part of it is free from pain. It is virtually the seat and subject of all diseases.”

“But the Lord holds them (diseases) like wild beasts in a chain, under a strong restraint. Was that restraint taken off, they would rush upon their prey from every quarter, and seize upon every limb, member, joint, and nerve, at once.”

“Yet, though I am a sinner, and though my whole texture is so frail and exposed, I have enjoyed for a number of years an almost perfect exemption both from pain and sickness. This is wonderful indeed, even in my own eyes.”

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Tony Evans: Does Life Get In The Way?


Discover Proven Care In 2 Surprising Ways


Caring Enough to Connect

Dr. Tony Evans

Those of us who have accepted Christ as our Savior form a community of believers. This community of faith is to be known for the care and concern it shows to its members…

The commitment of the Christian faith is twofold.

  • First, it is vertical—our commitment to God.
  • Second, it is also horizontal—our commitment to each other. God says that we cannot claim to be close to Him if we are not close to our brothers and sisters in the Lord.

 How does the love of God dwell in us?

You can read more counsel from Dr. Tony Evans at this link.


The Holy Bible: Who Needs Its Proven Useful Secrets?


5 Simple Ways It Will Help You 


Why does the Holy Bible remain as the #1 best-selling book of all time? Dictators attempted to destroy it. Cultures condemn it. People mock it. Yet it outsells all other books.

In 2014, organizations distributed over 300 million copies of the Holy Bible plus over 428 million copies of individual Scriptures around the world. (1) Year after year people find in reading the Bible 5 simple ways that help them. The Apostle Paul wrote to his protégé, Timothy, directions on how to use the Bible in his life.

The Holy Bible: Who Needs Its Proven Useful Secrets?

5 Simple Ways It Will Help You

  1. The Holy Bible: It Records God’s Declaration To Mankind.

The Bible declares that it originated with God, not humans. Leaving no room for doubt, it states that it came from God in every respect. (2) He inspired the writers to write and breathed into them what they recorded.

Thus, each separate Biblical unit, its matter and its words, originated with God and disclosed His declaration to mankind. This explains the source and extent of God’s self-revelation to humans.

This inspiration of the Bible stands as the foundation of all Christian conduct–sufficient, certain, and dependable. Now, as in the eras when written, humans everywhere need God’s message to them. It will give them His directions to them on how to live, regardless of their life’s circumstances.

  1. The Holy Bible: It Reveals God’s Truth To Mankind.

The Bible unveils God’s truth. The Holy Spirit, Who inspired it, put it this way, “…(Scripture) is profitable for doctrine…” (3) The word of God provides teaching on God’s truth.

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